It all started in 2011 when Designer Deborah Brehm (former "Akasha Couture" Designer) decided to create a new label. Something new - not the usual "Rockabilly Pin-Up" Clothing you can get anywhere, it had to be cute but still sexy with a Rock'n'Roll attitude. That's when the style of MISS LOVETT was born!

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Characterized by the 50s decade, our clothing is always suitable for daily use.
That's why we mostly create shirt and skirt - combinations! The advantage is that you have countless combination possibilities so you can create an outfit for every occasion!

All our shirts also can be worn with a casual Jeans for your everyday life!

No matter if you're looking for a classic elegant outfit or playful and cute - everyone will make a find here!

Oh and, if you still couldn't find the item you're looking for:
We also accept custom order requests! Just contact us!



Our passion is making clothes - we DO NOT have our clothing manufactured by companies as other do! We make them by ourselves; that way we have the opportunity to also make custom made items just for you!


Every item you receive will be 100% Handmade by us!
From making patterns, cutting, sewing or packing, it's all done by us, and it's our goal to keep it that way!

We're currently working almost entirely with fabrics with Eco-Tex Stardart 100 certificate. That means the threads the fabrics were spun with do not contain any vorbidden or regimented substances and are harmless for your health.



In September 2014 we finally opened our very first local shop in the middle of Mannheim, Germany - near the Collini Center! 

In our local shop you can find a selected range of our assortment (the latest collect aswell as the items you can find in our EXPRESS section will also be available in our local shop!) Also we are offerin exclusively and very limited items which you wont find online along with lots and lots of handmade accessoires such as brooches, fascinators, jewelry and one-of-a-kind items!

If you're looking for something special our local shop is worth to pay a visit!

We're currently carrying these other brands along with our handmade items:
BANNED, COLLECTIF, LINDY BOP, EXTREMIA, und VOODOO VIXEN. All of these items are only available in a limited amount!




We really appreciate every purchase and want to thank our loyal and happy customers from all over the world!