Du you know this situation, when you fall in love with a garment...but...yes, if only there wasn't the "but"! Maybe it's the wrong color, too short, wrong pattern whatsoever!

We all know this moment when you go back home, sad, and wished there was a way to have this garment. How fortunate, that we at MISS LOVETT know how to sew and how to make you happy! We have a huge fabric stash so we can offer you to custom make the garment of your dreams!

We'd be very sad if you just wouldn't buy from us, because non of our items are 100% what you're looking for, so we'd love to create your perfect item just for you! And you know what? - sometimes we can even do that without an additional charge! Awesome, right? 

An additional charge only appears whenyou'd like to change the measurements of the garmentor you want a fabric that is simply more expensive. If you just want a different color that's free of charge! 

So what are you waiting for? We'd love to hear from you and create your bespoke item with you! <3


Here are some examples of what we can customize for you:
- different color
- different pattern/different fabric
- adjustments of measurements
- adjustments of length of the garment
- longer/shorter/different sleeves 

If you have any other wishes or questions please feel free to contact us!